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Sunday, October 12, 2014

Decorate for Halloween…with Trash!

For many people, Halloween involves putting together a great costume. To save money and reduce waste, people frequently make costumes themselves or visit secondhand stores like Goodwill. Halloween décor can be recycled and inexpensive, too, and we’ve come across some fun DIY projects to get ready for the upcoming holiday. Take a look.

Photo: iSaveA2Z
Drink milk (or know someone who does)? For this project, you’ll just need a few milk jugs, a pencil, marker, and X-Acto knife. Use the pencil and marker to draw a jack-o-lantern face, then cut openings in the backs of the jugs so you can put lights inside. (If you have white string lights from the winter holidays, those will work). See a full set of instructions at iSaveA2Z.

Photo: Michele Made Me
We're always fans of finding ways to reuse plastic bottles, and here’s a use we hadn’t thought of: dangling spider decorations. This project is a little more complex than the milk jug pumpkins above (so it’s a little less kid-friendly), but should still be pretty easy to do. In addition to plastic bottles, you’ll need black acrylic paint, a drill, a sewing needle, and fishing line. You can find a full tutorial at the blog Michele Made Me.

Photo: The Long Thread
Having a Halloween party? These papier-mâché bowls are made using paper and plastic grocery bags. This is another fun project for kids, so visit The Long Thread to see how to do it.

Have a happy, waste-free October, everyone!

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